• The Innovation in Manufacturing Conference is being held on 1st July, 2020 in the Arena MK, Milton Keynes.

    The event is Co-Located with a number of events including the UK Manufacturing Expo. In total over 150 exhibitors, 150 speakers and 2000 delegates will attend the day.

    The purpose of the event has a singular focus — to offer a platform for professionals in areas such as Product Design, R&D, Innovation, NPD, Brand Management, Marketing, Commercialisation and Consumer insights etc to gather and share knowledge on the latest consumer trends, regulations, R&D techniques and technologies etc. The event is focused on how companies can build, launch and scale their products.

    Some key topics include:

    Understand the latest trends and opportunities, Innovative R&D processes , From concept to Launch, Consumer engagement in NPD, Avoiding regulatory pitfalls, Quality and Safety, Labtech , Clinical Trial Implementation, Data Analysis, Consumer Trends, Advanced Materials, Technology Transfer, IOT, Industry and academia collaboration, Jobs ,skills/Training, 3D printing, Nanotech, Blockchain, Policy and regulations, and much more.


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